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Terms and Conditions

About KOIN and How to Join.

KOIN is the new smart rewards program in Middle East run by Global Tech, an e-commerce business investment house based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. KOIN is the first collective rewards program in the Middle East which will have the largest merchant contribution network and the largest redemption platform in terms of products and services.

Joining KOIN is absolutely free. Any one can visit www.koinrewards.com and register his KOIN account. Upon registration a member will be given a 1000 KOINS as bonus.

Earning KOINS

A KOIN reward is a loyalty program where the merchants or participating business houses contributes a portion of their earnings from business to their loyal customers. Earning KOIN is very simple and it is an automated process. There are different types of participating merchants for KOIN rewards. Always look for the KOIN logo at the participating merchant’s websites, retail outlet or Credit cards. Upon completion of any transaction with the participating merchants, the earned KOIN points will be credited to members account within 24 hours. In case if any point is missing or a discrepancy arises, please contact our customer support team on +971 4 255 2393 or email to support@koinrewards.com

Redemption of KOIN

KOINs can be redeemed at any of the participating “Redeeming Merchant’s” like a normal currency.  At present we are offering only online redemptions via following participating web shops. Soon Retail outlets will be added to the reward redemption list.

Online Redemption sites:


Expiry of KOINS

Every KOIN earned has a lifetime of 24 months. For example a KOIN earned on June 20th 2016 will expire on 20th June 2018. All the KOINs earned and spend status can be viewed at the members account statement. The KOIN also will be considered Cancelled or Member account Terminated at the occurrences of one of the below mentioned situations:

  • Failure to adhere to the standard terms and conditions.
  • Provide misleading and false information to KOIN rewards or Merchants.
  • If there is no account activity such as earing or redeeming of KOINS for a period of Continuous 12 months.
  • Death of Bankruptcy of the member.

Personal Information

For terms and conditions about your personal data kindly visit the “Privacy Policy” page at www.koinrewards.com/privacypolcy

Changes in Terms and Conditions

KOIN Rewards FZ LLC holds the right to make changes or modifications to the KOIN rewards program without any prior notice. Also changes in the terms and conditions can happen at the following events:

  • The Government or Legal authority of the country requests or demands a change.
  • A situation arises when a change is necessary for the interest of Company, Merchant or members collectively.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By joining the KOIN rewards program, the member here by agrees to the standard terms and conditions.

Account Statements.

Customer can login to his or her KOIN account and view her KOIN acconut status. There will not be any communicaiton regarding the account statemet via Printed statement or via Email format.

Transfer of KOIN or its ownership

Transfer or change of ownership of KOIN is not allowed.  KOIN cannot be or should not be traded as Cash or Equivalent to cash until unless any of the stated methods of the Redemptions are followed. We cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or unauthorized use of KOIN as the member is the sole owner of the KOIN and it is his or her responsibility the safe custody of KOINs.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Reward options may be withdrawn or amended without prior notice.

Rewards prices may be amended at any time.

Rewards are subject to availability, suppliers’ warranties and restrictions at the time of redemption.

Redemptions can be done with the value equivilant to the KOINS or the difference can be paid by Cash or Credit Card. However minimum 100 KOIN is a must to initiate a redemption. 

KOINS will automatically be deducted from the members account at the time of redemption.

By Redeeming the KOIN member will directly enter into a sale / purchase relationship with the concerned supplier of the KOIN rewards.  Global Tech General Trading LLC, the holding company of the KOIN Rewards Programme shall only act as an agent for redemption of KOINS. Members agree that KOIN Rewards can pass their name, account number, address / email address and contact number to the relevant reward supplier where required for them to fulfill the redemption.