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Privacy Policy

Your information is safe with us.

  • We are creating a new network of shopping and reward. All merchants and reward members are the essential factors of this and protecting their privacy is of utmost importance for us.
  • Your personal data is essential to run the Loyalty program and this is how we recognize you and reward you for your shopping with partner merchants. Your personal information is kept in digital format and protected by highest standard of Information technology encrypting and security certificates.
  • Your personal information are not available for our employees or any partner merchants. All your information are kept in encrypted form which nobody can read and limited data can be retrieved through the admin control panels and through defined standard operation procedures and management permissions.

Why we collect personal information and how we use it.

  • Maintain a KOIN account - We collect your personal information to create an account for your and effectively maintain your transaction records.
  • Record Collection and Redemption of KOINS - We record all your collection and spending of rewards so that you can track your transactions.
  • Communicate Offers - We will update you time to time with latest offers from Partner Merchants and give them feed back from our members.
  • Create an information tunnel - We take feedback and reviews about merchants and pass them information.
  • You may be invited for market surveys and product feedbacks which will help to improve products and services from merchants.

At any given point of time if you would like to unsubscribe to our news letters or offers, please contact us by email (unsubscribe@koinrewards.com) or Call our customer support team on +971 4 255 2393. Unsubscribing from newsletters never stops you from earning or spending KOINS.