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Koin rewards - a collective rewards program
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What is a reward or loyalty Program

A “loyalty” or “reward” program is run by retail organizations, banks, credit card facilitators, hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc.. to show their gratitude by giving back or contributing a portion of the business to its customers in the form of money equivalent points which they can redeem or spend with same merchant or dedicate retail redemption centers. Some of the examples of the leading loyalty programs are Skywards by Emirates Airlines, Etihad Miles, Etisalat MORE, Airmiles, etc..

What is KOIN

KOIN is the new smart rewards program in Middle East run by Global Tech, an e-commerce business investment house based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

KOIN is the first collective rewards program in the Middle East which will have the largest merchant contribution network and the largest redemption platform in terms of products and services. Most of the existing rewards programs are owned by specific business houses or retail chains that limits the Rewards Earning and Redemptions to their business network only. This way the consumer has to carry multiple reward program cards to earn different loyalty points. More over since their Points are scattered among different programs, most of the time, they end up loosing the points.

How to Join KOIN Rewards

Joining and earning KOINS are very easy. Simply register with KOIN rewards and start shopping with the KOIN merchants. With every Dirhams you spent, you will receive a KOIN

How can I earn KOIN

Simply shop with KOIN partnered merchants and based on the contribution offer from the merchant, KOINS equivalent to your shopping amount will be credited to your KOIN account.

How can I spend KOIN

KOIN rewards can be redeemed or spend at multiple online sites like dealshabibi.com, hyjiyastore.com, moorni.com and spendmypoint.com.  Also the KOINs can be redeemed at many of the participating merchant outlets. For more details about participating merchants for earning and spending KOINs please visit our “PARTNERS” page.

Can I exchange KOIN for Cash

KOINs are not refundable or exchangeable for Cash. KOIN can be used only for redemption at the listed partners against Products or Services.

If my KOIN balance is less than the shopping value how I pay the difference

While doing shopping with the redemption partner, if your KOIN balance is not sufficiant for redemption, you can make the difference in payment by Cash or Credit Card depends upon the facility available wih the redemption partner. 

Expiry of KOIN rewards

KOIN rewards will expire on below circumstances.

. Failure to adhere to the standard terms and conditions.

. Provide misleading and false information to KOIN rewards or Merchants.

. If there is no account activity such as earing or redeeming of KOINS for a period of Continuous 12 months.

. Death of Bankruptcy of the member.

Complaints and Warranty Claims

For all warranty claims or complaints of the products or services provided by the merchants, KOIN is not responsible and any such claims or requests has to be handled directly with the merchants. However for any additional support or requests members can contact KOIN customer support and we will try to help from our side.

For any support related to KOIN rewards and its direct transactions, customer can contact KOIN directly by phone (+971 4 255 2393) or email (support@koinrewards.com